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We bring together open-minded wellness practitioners who are ready to explore the tenets of holistic healing to collaborate, learn new techniques, and get access to latest education...

  • Courses: Get access to top holistic courses
  • Groups: Collaborate with like-minded people
  • Private Chats: Easily communicate with a specific group of practitioners
  • Events: Join our weekly Zoom events to stay on top of latest research
  • Get Noticed: Set yourself apart from the rest by being a part of our global network
  • ​Build A Business: Let us teach you our proven methods so you can build a power holistic business.

GaiaHealers® helps you build a healing practice you can be proud of...

Get Inspired by Our Spiritual Business Model

We have many years of research to create the perfect modalities that can help many practitioners bring abundance to their lives! Our focus has been to create a system that can be replicated by you regardless of your location or level of education. 
  • Become a Certified Holistic Practitioner
  • ​Learn How to Reduce Stress
  • Learn powerful ways to Detox
  • ​Become a Certified Remote Healer 
  • Provide Stem Cell Therapy
  • Become a Photo-Biomodulation Practitioner 
  • ​​Master Light Therapy
  • ​Client Relations Mastery
  • ​Learn How to Balance the Biofield in Real-Time
  • ​Become a Certified Bio-Well Practitioner

We Offer Basic To Advanced Level Holistic Certifications

You will receive the best holistic training available, a platform to build & maintain your business, and a place to meet new mentors and guides.
  • Holistic Integrative Courses: Keep your knowledge up to date with all the new research
  • Get Access to Certification Courses: Become a certified holistic practitioner in many fields
  • Join Highly Informative Events: Join weekly events and advance your knowledge in your field of interest


Become a Part of Gaia Healer's & Bio-Well's Network & Reap the Benefits...

Once you become a certified practitioner you will get listed on our directory of practitioners so clients in your area can find you!

  • FREE Marketing- We spend thousands of dollars per month to reach more Lightworkers and our website and app receive high targeted traffic. You will be listed in our practitioners directory so clients can reach you.
  •   Free Education- We update our courses and offer new courses on a regular basis. You will have many opportunities to learn about your topics of interest.
  • ​Free Mentorship- We host regular Zoom meetings so you can learn from what works for other practitioners that practice similar modalities.
  •   Earn Residual Income- By following our lead and promoting our products, some of our members have reached financial freedom. They have also helped thousands of people lives a better life in the process.


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  • Create Your Private Space, Courses, and Events ($99/month Value)
  • Collaborate with other Practitioners & Share Knowledge ($99/month Value)
  • Meet New Clients Looking For a Holistic Practitioner (Priceless)

$97 / Month


  • Get access to free & paid holistic wellness courses ($997 Value)
  • Meet Certified Holistic Practitioners In Your Area ($997 value)
  • Find New Friends With The Same Mind Set (Priceless)

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